Have you been using the studio lighting for a long time and are you looking for something new to boost on your photos? Here are 5 tips to spice up your photos with creatives ways of lighting.

  1. Get the best out of your fluorescent light. When you think of a fluorescent tube you do not immediately think of the most beautiful light, but it can produce cool effects if u use different filters, for example to dampen the light or make the light warmer or colder. You can also play with the tube to create light from different angles. 
  1. If your light cord can light up your tree why not your photos? Instead of using your Christmas lights as a light source you can use these light cords through the photo for a creative effect. If you want to create a more subtle effect, you can also use a LED light cord. You can create different effect with different light cords, so why not try it?
  1. Lights & Shadows. The distortion of light can lead to different shadow effects. You create shadow by holding an object in front of the light source. If you find these objects in all different forms, you can play with the light angle on your model. You can use objects that are made for it of course, but if you search well in your house you will find something (for example a cardboard board) witch you can use to cut for the effect. 
  1. A touch of gold. If your photo has a slightly grey touch, you can upgrade it by using a gold reflection screen. By combining the studio light with the golden screen you bring warmth into the photo. Extra warmth in a photo can sometimes have a crucial effect, so try it out!
  1. Use color filters. Studio lighting is of course used a lot in photoshoots, but everyone does it so it often gets boring. Then use color filters, the use of color gives the whole photo a different atmosphere. For example use yellow, red or orange for warming up your photos or use purple, blue or green to make them cooler. 


By AMOY STUDIOS we experiment a lot with light and all the options that come with it. We are excited to see what you can do with lighting so use our color filters for free while booking the studio and create the pictures you are dreaming of.